Not keen on laying in peoples sweat pools or sharing equipment? Or maybe you're looking to receive REAL Coaching from Career Coaches?

7-DAY PASS @ 50% OFF

We offer two types of Classes at MOV.E

MOVE: These classes are our bread and butter. Think: power yoga warm-up, 10-20 minutes of body strengthening movements followed by 10-20 minutes of workouts with movements that change daily and concluding with a slow and restorative cool-down. Every class starts with an overview of the class and workout structure followed by demos of the movements and modifications. You might walk in feeling a little antsy, but you are guaranteed to walk out feeling amazing.

BUILD: A class that blends functionality and aesthetics. Each 45 minute class includes strength, core, and conditioning. Expect a range of exercises from squats and bicep curls to the most concentrated ab work on the planet. Each class ends with a test of your lung capacity as you turn up the cardio. Like our MOVE Classes, these workouts change every day. Be careful with this one, BUILD is known to have addictive qualities.

$24.50 FOR 7-DAYS

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At MOV.E, we take a new approach to fitness training. Our classes, coaches and community work together to provide you with a ‘feel better’ workout you want, in an environment you can feel safe allowing you to push yourself. We offer a First Week so you can immerse yourself in our community – where members welcome you into every class and coaches help you learn every move.


Our class lineup boasts complete strength work and cardio blasts in our MOVE classes; ab-blasting core work and functional weight training in our BUILD classes; and restorative stretching in our FLEX (virtual classes). Each class starts with an overview of the workout structure followed by demos of the movements and modifications to suit your abilities – so no matter which class you choose, you’ll easily jump right in.