Breaking Down Weaknesses.

We all have things we know we can do a bit better, and we may even look at them as weaknesses. But how often do we know what our weaknesses are but don’t work on improving them — or even know where to start?

The first step is to pinpoint our weaknesses.

To do this, take a moment to really evaluate if something is indeed a weakness or if it’s something you just don’t like doing. Odds are they may be one and the same. Next, think of how to make it better.

Your coach is a great resource, as they want you to succeed and will find an option to help you improve. For example, if you show up to a class and the workout calls for a 1600m run and you know you aren’t a strong runner, instead of opting for the Bike or Rower, ask your Coach what steps you can take to get better at it. They’ll help you come up with a plan to get stronger in that area.

If you’re working on your own in Open Gym, take a look at whatever the weakness calls for and break it down into manageable building pieces. Then, your options here are to simply ask for help. Your coach likely has a better understanding of how to do something, so just ask. There are also tons of tried-and-true resources out there (some might even be on this website), so take advantage of the knowledge that’s available to you. Either way, you can still do all the same things solo, but you’ll have a better idea on how to approach and address a weakness.

Now let’s use what we’ve talked about above and break it down with a particular movement. How about the Snatch, a movement built off of strength and technique? First, let’s break down the technique. There are many different pieces we can work on to improve the Snatch: High Pulls, High Hang Power, Hang Power, and Snatch Balance, just to name a few. When it comes to strength, we know we can Snatch Deadlift, Overhead Squat, Sots Press, Heavy KB Swings, and Snatch. Yes, the Snatch itself will build strength, but these are just a few other movements that can help with the one lift!

Overall there is something for everyone that wants to get better in some regard. Whether that’s fitness or life, we have options to consider to work on a particular weakness, but always start by breaking down what that weakness is.

Find the help and encourage yourself to work on getting better, and I promise you’ll also feel better from it.

Blog Post: Breaking Down Weaknesses.

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