There are a multitude of parallels between eating well, moving often; and life, because they ultimately require a similar set of values to be successful, the most impactful of all, in my opinion, is being consistent.

Consistency is key to reaching any goal you set in life, whether it is learning a new skill, developing a habit, working towards a promotion, or striving to reach a healthier lifestyle. 

Consistency and the discipline required to maintain it are paramount.


When it comes to your diet and regular movement, your consistency will be the glue that holds it all together and allows for long term and life long success. This doesn’t mean hitting the class 7 days a week, 365 days a year and going pedal to the metal (but hey, if that works for you, go for it) or abstaining from social events, dinners out, and the occasional brunch with mimosas, is how you reach your goal.

The habit of eating well and moving often is like moving a pile of dirt. Some days you use a shovel, some days you use a spoon but as long as you move some dirt, you’re headed in the right direction.


These are the days where you slept well, hit your nutrition targets, the days in the gym where everything is going right, the weight feels light, you’ve got a bounce in your step and it feels like no one can stop you! Take advantage of those times because those days aren’t always there and that’s ok! Use that shovel while it’s efficient and move that dirt!.


These are the days where your child was up all night, or you couldn’t sleep because you were up all night thinking about that important meeting you have at work tomorrow, you skip breakfast, relying on the fumes of your coffee to get you through the day.

You think about hitting the gym, but you’re tired, you know the weights are going to feel heavy, and you just can’t be bothered. These are the days where you might hit the gym for some light stretching or you might skip it altogether, put on a podcast and go for a walk to pick up a roast chicken and veggies for dinner for the family…

Whatever happens, you are still moving the pile, even if it’s with just a spoon now.


It comes down to the simple fact that your pile of dirt, whatever that is for you, is still there and you still have to move it. The pile isn’t getting any smaller so do what you can and do your best.

The days, and weeks you feel great – grab that shovel and get digging; and when life gets in your way and things don’t quite go to plan, get the spoon out and move what you can.

Blog Post: Consistency In Moving Your Dirt

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