How To Beat The Bloat?

There’s some serious misunderstandings in the world of social media of what actually helps beat bloating, brain fog & fatigue (all usually caused by poor digestion and/ or blood sugar regulation).

So heres a run down, to give you the support you need to feel good, look great & live better.


This consists of a protein, veggie/fruit, fat & carb at each meal.

Balanced meals help to support healthy blood sugar, giving your body the nutrients it needs and avoiding major blood sugar spikes & drops.


That means chewing each bite (forkful) 20-30 times or until its a smoothie consistency in your mouth.

This is an integral part of the digestion process, because if your food isn’t fully chewed before swallowing, it puts stress on the rest of your digestive system.


Everyone loves a good ssshhhnnnaaacckkk every now an then, but try to stick to eating main meals first.

Our bodies need time to digest before putting more food in our moths.

If mindless snacking is a habit of yours, focus on getting bigger meals that satisfy you, and try to space them out 3-5 hours in between, to give yourself time to digest.


Our bodies are made up of almost 60% water, and 98% of that water comes from the things we eat and drink!

Aim for at least 0.03 x your bodyweight in litres of water PLUS 300-450ml more water for every hour of exercise you do daily.

E.g 0.03 x 80kg = 2.4lt daily (or 2.7 – 2.85lt on MOVE days)


A stagnant body is a tired body. Movement is vital for blood flow, fresh oxygen, and lymph flow (which doesn’t flow on it’s own).

Moving daily does not mean an intense workout every day. Active recovery (moving at low intensity, relative to you), is one of the most underrated and powerful methods of movement. It can be as simple as a walk for some, going for a bike ride OR even completing a MOVE class for quality (where you prioritise mechanics and technique over load and intensity – tell your coach if its a recovery day, and they’ll tell you how to modify the class to suit).

Whatever you choose, low intensity moving is a great way to increase blood flow.


Another very big piece of the puzzle is stress management. But here’s the thing about stress – everyone’s perception of stress is different. So really, its not stress management that you would likely benefit from, its stress perception.

Doing things that push you out of your comfort zone every once and a while are great ways to challenge yourself and show you how resilient and adaptable you truely are.


So if you’re feeling bloated, don’t reach for the latest DETOX tea or start a ‘insert X days’ juice cleanse – these are all just bandaid fixes for an underlying root problem, listed above.

Instead, start practicing each point above, and say goodbye to the bloat, and hello to LIVE BETTER!

Speak to MOV.E Coach today if you need help with your nutrition.

Blog Post: How To Beat The Bloat

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