You know I’m a huge proponent of taking time to cook (AND EAT) your meals.

It reconnects us back to our roots, it brings us home, and it helps us feel good.

However I also recognise (& acknowledge) that we’re all busy AF, and cooking a full meal can seem incredibly daunting.

So where’s the in between? Right here!

I have found some incredibly helpful tips through my own health journey, and also working with many clients and learning from them, too!

So here they are….

10 TIPS:

  1. Buy pre-cut or frozen veggies if you know you have a super busy week ahead
  2. Throw your meat into a slow cooker in the morning and take it out when you’re ready to eat dinner
  3. Cook double the amount of meat when you are cooking to use for the next day or two
  4. Batch cut your veggies at the beginning of the week and store them until you’re ready to cook in glass Tupperware or jars
  5. ASK FOR HELP- delegate some of the prep work to your family
  6. Roast a bunch of veggies on a sheet pan (a big flat oven tray) and mix them into different meals for the week
  7. Hard boil some eggs at the beginning of the week to have as protein snacks throughout the week
  8. Get yourself an air fryer or pressure cooker (or both!)
  9. Make double the food at dinner and separate half to save for another meal tomorrow
  10. Don’t be afraid to have the same thing twice- just switch up the sauce or condiments and make it fresh!

Take one or all of these and let the magic begin.

Blog Post: 10 Time Saving Cooking Tips

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