The 2022 MOV.E Open

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What is The MOV.E Open

Is a weekly Friday Event we hold at MOV.E commencing Friday 25th February, and concluding on Friday 11th March. NOTE: This is a team event, in which simply by registering you will be assigned to a team (Rise and Grind aka Morning Classes OR After WOD Drinks aka Afternoon/ Evening classes) based on your average class participation as at February 18th.

Each Friday through the course of the Open: 
– You will complete a Workout that is announced at 7-8AM of each Friday.
– You will complete the workout in a competition setting (specific workout area, specific heat time, with a judge who is a fellow MOV.E Member or MOV.E Coach)
– Cheered on by your fellow MOV.E’rs.

Earn Points For Your Team:
– Sharing posts on Social media
– Completing the weekly workout
– Placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the weekly workout
– Winning the weekly Team Gauntlet Challenge (Not fitness related)

There Can Only Be One:
The Winning Team at the end of the three weeks will earn bragging rights for the year ahead along with an exclusive Winners Tee/ Tank for each registered member.

Event Details

Friday 25th (Feb), 4th + 11th (Mar)

Book: Via PushPress App 4pm – 7pm

Registration: $35 (incl Tee/ Tank)

21 Cottage Street, Blackburn, 3130