Strength & Conditioning Specifically For Kids and Teens

MOV.E Juniors is a safe, engaging and fun exercise program designed specifically for kids and teens aged 6 through 15.

With our kids playing so much sport (or none at all), zero time is spent on building gross motor patterns or strengthening their bodies resulting in a rise in sport specific injuries amongst children.

Just like our Adult programs, MOV.E Juniors is programmed and instructed by an experienced Primary & Secondary School Phys Ed Teacher with additional Strength & Conditioning qualifications in Coaching Kids & Teens.

Could your Kids & Teens benefit from:

  • Learning Better Movement Patterns (Gymnastics)
  • Building Stronger Bones and Bodies (Resistance Training)
  • Increased Confidence (Supportive Environment)

In 2022, our MOV.E Juniors program will be available through each School Term, with 2x weekly classes*.

*additional classes may be added if demand requires it

Classes run weekly on Monday and Thursdays @ 4:15pm and are limited to 10 Participants Only, so your child doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

MOV.E Juniors is suitable to all children regardless of sporting backgrounds.

MOV.E Juniors will have your kids Working Hard in here (the gym), so they can Live Better Live’s Out There (the world).

Expressions of Interest is now Open.

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Develop gross motor skills leading to mastery of their own bodyweight.

Resistance Training

Participants will learn how to lift safely and progressively to build stronger bones and bodies.


Our inclusive and supportive environment will ensure all participants benefit the from the development of increased confidence.


1 x Week & 2 x Week Memberships Available

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