MOV.E Chiropractic

MOV.E Chiropractic

With Coach/ Dr. Emily

After 5 years of study, Coach Emily is officially Dr. Emily. Since graduating, Emily has transitioned into a full time role based out of Ripple Chiropractic Frankston.

Additionally, Dr. Emily is excited to offer her Chiropractic services locally, and exclusively to MOV.E members.

Availability is currently limited to Thursdays and Sundays (some exclusions apply).

Each consultation is 10min and is offered at an introductory Special of $30 per appointment through May 31st, 2022.

Benefits of Chiropractic with Dr. Emily:

  • Familiar with your Training
  • Specialist in Corrective Care
  • Has a genuine interest in improving your Health and wellbeing

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* Note: HICAPS is available by Self-claim *