More Veggies, Please: The Connection Between Nutrition And Mental Health


Optimising your health goes beyond just physical wellness. At MOV.E Training in Blackburn, we’re focusing not only on weight loss and fitness but also on an often-overlooked area: mental health. Joining our small group fitness classes in Blackburn classes or utilising our Nutrition Coaching as part of personal training in Blackburn can make a massive difference in your overall well-being, but the simple process of increasing your daily veggie intake can offer instant mental health benefits.

Mental Health, Personal Training Blackburn, and Small Group Fitness Blackburn

Mental health is essential for anyone trying to feel and look their best. So, what are some of the best things you can do to boost your mood and manage stress? Believe it or not, it always comes back to nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Mental Health

An intriguing area of research explores the connection between the food on your plate and your mental health. More specifically, we’re talking about the impact fruits and vegetables have on your well-being.

One study linked high fruit consumption to increased energy and confidence levels. Another piece of research showed that five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day could lower the risk of depression by nearly 20%.

So, is it merely a case of “happy people gravitate towards healthier foods?” An interesting study challenges that notion, finding that the group receiving weekly vegetable deliveries reported feeling happier.

The result? The vegetable group reported feeling happier than before the trial started and more content than their counterparts who didn’t get the fresh produce.

The jury is still out on why this connection exists, but the key takeaway is that an extra serving of fruits or veggies is almost never a bad call. Integrating three to seven daily servings of fruits and vegetables into your diet has been linked to a stronger immune system and a longer lifespan.

And if you are looking to lose or maintain a healthy weight, the fiber in fruits and veggies is key to helping you feel satiated and less likely to reach for some of the snacks you know you should be avoiding.

The Power of Produce

The key takeaway here is that an extra serving of fruits or veggies is almost never a bad call. If you’re looking to lose weight (body fat) or simply improve your overall health, integrating three to seven daily servings of fruits and vegetables into your diet can make a significant difference.

The fibre in fruits and veggies is key to feeling satiated, aiding in weight loss, and improving mental health. Joining our personal training in Blackburn or small group fitness classes in Blackburn can further your progress towards your health & fitness goals.


The connection between nutrition, exercise, and mental health is strong. If you’re interested in personal training, small group fitness, or simply looking to Live Better, our expert Coaches at MOV.E Training can guide you.

With a focus on mental health and a balanced lifestyle, we offer personalised solutions for all fitness levels. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in achieving both physical wellness and improved mental health.


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. The Plate Method is an easy way to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs, no matter where you are. This simple technique focuses on portion control, ensuring you have a balanced meal every time.


Vegetables are the cornerstone of a healthy diet, packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Fill half your plate with a variety of colourful vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, or spinach.


Protein is essential for building and repairing muscle, as well as maintaining healthy bones. Add a serving of protein to your plate, such as chicken, fish, or tofu. Aim for about the size of your palm.


Carbohydrates provide energy, while healthy fats help absorb key vitamins and minerals. Fill the remaining quarter of your plate with a serving of carbohydrates, such as brown rice or whole-grain bread. Add a bonus of healthy fat, such as avocado or nuts, to complete your meal.

By following the Plate Method, you can be sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs without having to count calories or weigh portions. Give it a try and see how easy eating healthy can be!